A gardening tool is any one of several instruments specifically designed for gardening and usually overlaps with the category of other tools designed for horticulture and agriculture. Gardening tools may be categorized into blunt or sharp tools and hand tools. Blunt tools are those that may be operated by the touch or are powered by muscle power. Sharp tools, on the other hand, are those instruments whose cutting edge is a straight blade which may be cleft, serrated or sawed.

There are a number of gardening tools that every gardener should have in his or her garden. These include a pair of gloves, spade, hand fork, garden hose, and a garden rake. A pair of gloves is necessary not only for safety reasons but also because it is important to wear proper gloves when handling soil, water or fire. Not only will the gloves protect you from accidental splashes and scratches, they will also ensure that you maintain a healthy level of skin hygiene and take care of your hands at the same time. Aside, from gloves, a spade is essential gardening tools as it is designed to dig up dirt or even plant soil.

Hand shovels are also among the essentials-gardening tools as it is used for finely digging up and trimming small plants around trees. A spade is used to dig up roots and cut back weeds. A pair of shears is needed for trimming large and tall weeds. While a pair of gloves is recommended to prevent any unwanted skin contact with weeds, a pair of garden shears is recommended to efficiently cut down unwanted weeds around trees.

Another useful gardening tool is the hand trowel or pruner. This tool has a trowel in the center and a pair of handles on either end. You use the trowel to scoop soil and remove small rocks and branches while the handles of the pruner enable you to trim unwanted growth on plants around the yard. Hand trowels and pruners are essential gardening tools as they will make gardening enjoyable and save you time, energy and money. Hand trowels are more commonly used by women as it is easier to use and control compared to men’s trowels.

Of course the wheelbarrow is one of the most important gardening tools as it allows gardeners to easily move soil and other objects around the yard. Gardeners can choose from metal, wood or plastic wheelbarrows. Although most of wheelbarrows have similar functions, a major difference is the size of the equipment. Metal and plastic wheelbarrows are heavier than wooden ones.

Last but not the least is a garden digging shovel. This gardening equipment serves a lot of purposes such as loosening up the soil, digging and moving soil and earth around the house. The shovel should be used according to the size and shape of the area where you want to dig. Different gardeners prefer different equipment, so before you go out and purchase any you should try using one or two to see which works best for you.


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