The World Twenty20 is fast approaching and fans of both the teams have been very enthusiastic about the series. Pakistan will be taking on the champion team in the world – South Africa. Both sides have some very famous players with great skills and the challenge will be to put all that together to win the trophy. When we consider cricket, Pakistan’s reputation as a county team is unparalleled and this is a huge advantage as they have always won the title for the county. They have also beaten South Africa in three out of four meetings and that says a lot about the side’s ability to win matches.

Pakistan will obviously hope to win this T20 match as their overall performance has been very good throughout the year. However, it is surprising to note that despite having some experienced players, the side has not been able to win a lot of matches. There are many factors that can be attributed to this such as injuries and the way their team is playing. One of the biggest worries for Pakistan is the fact that only Associate teams are allowed to play in the IPL and so the seniors have to travel to those countries to play.

The other concern is the batting order. While the MCC Champions PCB managed to create a stable partnership between Asif Yamil and Azhar Afhan, the other players have not performed up to the mark. Asif has been phenomenal in the last few years and has even reached double digit averages but he has not been able to reproduce that same standard when playing against a quality bowler. Azhar has been unfortunate not to live up to his immense expectations. There seems to be no way that he will regain his place in the team.

For Pakistan, this match is more about their performance and the way that they play instead of any particular player. With the retirements of Butt and Waqar, there are some big calls for those players who have done extremely well in their earlier assignments. Azhar and Asif are two batsmen who have performed exceptionally well during their time at the national level and have done enough to retain their places in the rotation. It does not hurt that they have a partner like Azhar who can step into their shoes if required.

On the other hand, it is also a good opportunity for the remaining players to showcase their skills in a well managed match. The top two sides have always tried to dominate games and get a winning edge. But this time, with Azhar and Butt gone, it will be interesting to see how the other side responds to this new challenge. They have trained hard to win this game and are certainly up for the challenge.

The teams will be decided in what is considered a vital match but the overall standings could be determined by a variety of factors. One thing is for sure. This is the first T20I between the two sides and it will be a thoroughly contested affair. So, cricket fans all over the world will do well to make their views known so that these matches are properly monitored. Every cricket fan is aware of what exactly a successful Test match should be like and that is exactly what the Bangladeshis must learn from this encounter. Only when their efforts are shown through this win over South Africa can they feel really proud.


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