Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who was the highest player in the NBA draft, achieved success fast, but also sparked debate when his choice to not stand during the national anthem before games came to light. STAND: Either STREAM IT OR STOP IT! A documentary that streams on Showtime, provides audiences an in-depth look at the background, life and policy of Abdul-Rauf as told through archive material as well as Abdul-Rauf’s personal screen interviews.

The documentary’s narrative focuses on the children’s memories of the subject and numerous other basketball stars of note. Comparable recent documentaries at this intersection of sports and social justice are “Colin In Black and White,” with a focus exclusively on Colin Kaepernick, and “Citizen Ashe,” which centers around Arthur Ashe. It’s interesting to look at Abdul-Rauf himself as the foremost voice of this group in the film — and the numerous individuals who provide their insight into his personal life.

Many NBA stars like Shaquille, Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr have expressed admiration for the talent of Abdul-Rauf. Regarding the time where his house was destroyed by fires that was not known to be the cause, Abdul-Rauf commented, “No one wants you to criticize America however according to what James Baldwin said, that is an essential part of patriotic duty.” Some felt that Abdul-Rauf’s skills went beyond skill to reach iconic status, with O’Neal himself stating “He wasn’t good. His accomplishments were amazing.

However, regardless of the opinions of those who criticize Colin Kaepernick’s current position There are people who aren’t willing to let go of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s basketball expertise when he refused to stand during the National Anthem prior to NBA games . The controversial decision caused an uproar within the media, and drew threats of death and eventually was the reason for his suspension by the league. Although the incident is mostly forgotten, Abdul-Rauf still feels its effects on his career even today.

After reminiscing about him, an impassioned counter arose in the voices in Stand. Mahershala Ali was boldly proclaiming “Steph Curry before Steph Curry” and this was swiftly supported by Steph Curry who also acknowledged his admiration for Abdul-Rauf’s abilities. Shaq shared a story about the show of strength that the future Louisiana State teammate put on against Georgetown and concluded that “it made me feel like that I was watching God in basketball”. Other people reduced it to simpler anger-filled statements as they claimed that the best player in the NBA was wrongly shut out.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who was previously also known by the name Chris Jackson and hailing from Gulfport, Mississippi, is famous for his activism today but one should not forget the fact that he played a talented basketball player. As a child in a poor household with a single mother who only had completed her 8th grade education there was a lack of resources for the family. His sister’s account reveals that he had to go hunting squirrels to put food on the table. Despite his poverty Abdul-Rauf’s remarkable talent and ambition did not go unnoticed & quickly drew interest from higher school circles. This ultimately led to being a college coach at Louisiana State University.

The moral

It is clear there is no doubt that Mahmoud Abdul Rahman’s name is an icon for basketball. His achievements and career ought to have been widely recognized. While he’s loved by Steph Curry, Shaq and other basketball legends, his accomplishments and skills should not be forgotten. It is important to remember him today as well as for the next time, and we must all work hard to ensure that it doesn’t fade away.


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